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Argan Training Solutions Limited is a healthcare training provider based in Milton Keynes, with a
nationwide reach. We specialise in delivering a diverse range of accredited healthcare training courses,
including the Care Certificate, PMVA (Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression), and clientspecific specialised courses tailored to individual business needs. In addition to training services, we also
offer temporary staffing solutions in the Healthcare and Education sectors.
To be the go-to provider for high-quality healthcare training and temporary staffing solutions, thereby
improving healthcare standards and patient outcomes across the nation.
At Argan Training Solutions, these three pillars—Empowering Professionals, Enhancing
Skills, Enriching Care—form the backbone of our mission.
Empowering Professionals:
We understand that healthcare is a sector that demands an unwavering commitment to excellence and a
ceaseless desire to improve. That’s why our courses are meticulously designed to empower professionals
with the tools, techniques, and knowledge they need to excel. From foundational courses for beginners to
specialised training for experienced providers, our portfolio aims to be as diverse as the healthcare field
Enhancing Skills:
The landscape of healthcare is ever-changing, driven by new research, technologies, and best practices. Our
adaptive training programs, accessible through multiple platforms—be it in-person, Zoom, or our soon-tolaunch E-Learning options—are designed to equip healthcare professionals with the latest skills needed to
meet these evolving demands.
Enriching Care:
Every skill learned, and every technique mastered has one ultimate goal: to enrich the quality of care
provided to patients. With a focus on real-world applications, our training is rooted in the understanding that
quality care is a combination of technical proficiency, interpersonal skills, and a deep-rooted sense of
compassion. We aim to create a holistic skill set that enhances not just the functionality but also the
humanity of healthcare.
Our Services
Training Courses
Care Certificate: A comprehensive course designed for new healthcare professionals, ensuring that they meet
the industry standards for safe, compassionate and effective care.
PMVA: Focused training on the prevention and management of violence and aggression within healthcare
Epilepsy Awareness: Tailored for caregivers, this course educates about the different types of seizures,
management, and emergency protocols.
Diabetes Awareness: Offers a deep dive into understanding, managing, and caring for individuals with
Mental Health Awareness: A course designed to shed light on various mental health conditions, their impact,
and effective care strategies.
The above are a selection of our courses – we have a wide variety catering to the needs of domiciliary,
supported living, care / nursing homes and hospital staff.
Specialised Courses: Custom-tailored courses to meet specific client requirements, addressing skill gaps.
Temporary Staffing Solutions
Healthcare Sector: Providing qualified and trained healthcare professionals for short-term and long-term
Education Sector: Offering educational staff, including teachers and support staff for temporary supply
Methods of Training
In-Person: Our in-person training takes place in various locations, offering practical instruction where
possible and direct feedback from trainers.
Zoom: Our virtual training options provide the flexibility to learn from anywhere, without compromising on
E-Learning: Coming soon! By the end of September, we aim to launch our e-learning platform, making it
even easier to access our courses at your convenience.
Why Choose Argan Training Limited?
Quality: We are committed to high training standards, continuously updating our course content and methods to align
with the latest best practices.
Flexibility: With in-person, Zoom, and soon e-learning options, we offer training that suits various learning styles and
Customisation: Our ability to create specialised courses means we can meet unique client needs effectively.
Recruitment Services: Beyond training, our staffing solutions offer additional value, simplifying workforce
management for healthcare and education organisations.
Based in Milton Keynes, we are well-positioned to serve clients across the nation, facilitated by excellent transport


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