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Care Quality Support offers a wide range of consultancy services to health and social care sector organisations in the UK. We support you to start your Health and Social Care business and maintain it into profitability.

Do you own or manage an adults Supported Living service, Supported Accommodation for 16-17 years old young people’s service, Domiciliary Care Agency, Residential Children’s Home, Residential Care Home, Nursing Home, or Care Employment Agency, Non-emergency transport services in UK? The most important aspect of your Health and Social Care business or your duty is to meet Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) fundamental standards and Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) to make sure you provide a safe, effective, responsive, caring and well-led service, that is compliant in all areas that are required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other regulatory bodies.

If you run a children service (0-16 years) or Supported Accommodation for young people aged 16-17, you need to comply with OFSTED’s Quality Standards and Children Home’s Regulations. The process can appear to be a minefield if not done properly and professionally. The financial consequences of non-compliance are immense. Your personal or organisational reputation may be put at risk if proper systems and processes are not put in place. Worst case scenario may be closure of business and serious financial penalties and losses if CQC or OFSTED and Local Authorities compliance is continuously breached and insufficient remedial action taken.

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